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Casino online casinois the process of preserving and developing physiological, biological and mental functions, optimal labor and social activity with the maximum duration of an active creative life. The author presents human casino as a dynamically changing natural phenomenon, the combined action of which, under special conditions, can ensure a long life.

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Along with functional, there are adaptive definitions of casino. So, casino in a generalized form can be defined as: a person's ability to adapt to the environment and their own capabilities, to resist external and internal negative factors, diseases and injuries, to preserve themselves, to expand their capabilities for full-fledged life, that is, to ensure their well-being.


Along with biomedical, there are social, environmental and other aspects of casino. Overstrain of protective and adaptive mechanisms when exposed to the body of extreme stimuli can lead to the development of the disease. Thus, casino is not only the absence of disease. The concept of "casino" should include factors of social well-being.

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In particular, casino is commonly understood as a complex, holistic, dynamic state of an organism that develops in the process of realizing its genetic potential in a specific socio-economic environment. In this sense, casino is the ability of a person for optimal social activity with a maximum life expectancy. Also, the environment and ecological living conditions have a significant impact on human casino.

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The definition adopted in the documents of the World casino Organization (WHO) has become some general result of many years of discussion regarding the conceptual aspects of casino. In the 1948 charter of the World casino Organization, casino is defined as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not just the absence of disease or physical defects."

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World casino Day is celebrated annually on April 7, World Mental casino Day on October 10. Human casino changes with age from birth to adulthood. The best human casino is at the age of 20-25.

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The state of health is the degree of closeness to absolute health. There are a number of transitional states between the concepts of illness and health. The state of human health can be in three states: health, pre-illness, illness.

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